A jewel in the sea

When we discovered that our family were all off for the Thanksgiving week, we decided to take a trip for some sun, sand and much needed relaxation.  Isn’t it difficult to plan vacations when your children are now adults?  It is just so hard to get everyone’s calendars in sync.  It is even harder when they live in a different state. Why Puerto Rico?  We had been to Puerto Rico quite a few years back when our children were very young; we stayed in Dorado and as we were on a business trip, we had never really explored the island.  Besides, Puerto Rico is only a 3 hour flight from our closest airport, that was reason enough to pack our bags and head for the sun 🙂

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Writing to my Dream Reader – Blogging 101

So today’s assignment on our Blogging 101 course is exactly what the title suggests.  We all  wonder how far and wide our blog audiences reach.  Who will be looking forward to my posts?  Are there any readers out there who connect the dots when Safari of the Mind writes a new post?  Are they anxiously looking forward to the next post?  Well, today I’m going to imagine that there IS in fact a Dream Reader somewhere out there on the worldwide web.  I’m hoping to write for that Reader today.  Hopefully, that dear reader will appreciate my post for him/her.  … Continue reading Writing to my Dream Reader – Blogging 101

What makes me tick…..Blogging 101

Hiya fellow bloggers: This is my first assignment on the online course Blogging 101.  It is wonderful to be on a public forum such as The Commons, sharing what we’ve all come together for, mainly to learn and expand our knowledge of blogging. My name is Loretta, I started Safariofthemind about 8 months ago.  At the time I had just returned from a trip to Brazil and thought I’d start writing about my adventures there, add some gorgeous photos, and thus my journey began.  My blog mainly focuses on cooking these days, but I also blog on gardening and travel.  … Continue reading What makes me tick…..Blogging 101