Writing to my Dream Reader – Blogging 101

So today’s assignment on our Blogging 101 course is exactly what the title suggests.  We all  wonder how far and wide our blog audiences reach.  Who will be looking forward to my posts?  Are there any readers out there who connect the dots when Safari of the Mind writes a new post?  Are they anxiously looking forward to the next post?  Well, today I’m going to imagine that there IS in fact a Dream Reader somewhere out there on the worldwide web.  I’m hoping to write for that Reader today.  Hopefully, that dear reader will appreciate my post for him/her.  I’m passionate about the subjects I write and for sure there are readers out there who enjoy the same.

Clematis growing on the fence in my backyard
Clematis growing on the fence in my backyard

Dear Dream Reader,

As my thoughts ramble this morning, I’m curious as to what you might like about my blog.  If you’re a gardening enthusiast like myself, you will look forward to tips and tricks in my garden.  If you enjoy cooking, you will be looking forward to each recipe I post and so painstakingly put together.  If you enjoy travel and learning a bit of history and background on the countries or places I visit, then you will definitely be my dream reader.  Welcome, as we trawl Safari of the Mind together.  I will try to keep my posts short and concise, adding visuals and perhaps a video at times.  Photography is something I’ve really taken to since the inception of this blog.  I’m learning to tweak and edit the posts, it is definitely time-consuming, but so productive in the end.  Today, I’ll post a picture or two from each of the categories I blog about, I hope you will enjoy them.  I’ll try to embed a video too, so that you will get an idea of the meaning of this blog for me, and hopefully for you too.

A chocolate cake I baked for my friend's Dad's birthday
A chocolate cake I baked for my friend’s Dad’s birthday

Here is a beautiful video which I hope you will listen to Dear Reader.

26 thoughts on “Writing to my Dream Reader – Blogging 101

    1. It surely sounds like it doesn’t it Julie? Although I must admit, I get carried away by the cooking posts. I must catch up with my travel posts too, I have started a couple but have failed to complete them. :). I’ve brought some of my gardening posts a couple of times to FF. I wonder if the travel one will go down well there?


      1. I met a blogger at 101 who was just starting and she had just retired and stated traveling and doing reviews. Her blog is going crazy and some places will providing her perks for her visits. It’s you blog Loretta. Do what makes you happy and they will come and the rest of us will stay because your GREAT!

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    1. I’m not sure of the name of this clematis, but it was already established when we moved into the house, and I don’t believe I saw a label, but it is lovely. I must watch for it in the moonlight when it flowers again. Thanks for stopping in. 🙂


  1. Thanks Jean, I just know the basics of cake decorating. A friend had handed me her piping set when she left the country, and I still use it. You’re right though, I’m not into artificial food coloring either, this just had a bit of cocoa in it. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. OMG that cakes looks so delish I want to bathe in it. Now that I sound like a loon I need to tell you how beautiful your flowers look. The picture’s color is excellent quality which just adds to the beauty. I look forward to seeing more beautiful shots.


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    1. Thanks Stacey and welcome to my blog. I’ll be over visiting yours in a few. You’re ahead of yourself with today’s homework, I’m a bit behind, but hope to catch up, visit and yak with a few later today 🙂


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