A fish dinner down to the bare bones!

There’s an ethnic market a few miles away that I frequent at least twice a month.  They have such a variety of fresh produce from all corners of the globe.  Newark Farmers Market is Chinese owned I believe, but there’s a large Indian, Caribbean, Mexican, Japanese, Korean section, and many more.  Their stands display an array of fruit and vegetables that are inexpensive. Their grains come in a variety of colors and shapes, there’s such a vast selection of teas and coffee, cheeses, meats and fish.  I came away with more than I needed or wanted, but that happens at every single visit to this diverse market.

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A Happy Blogiversary to me (celebrated with a Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani)

It’s a special occasion, and I’d like to shout it out on the rooftop.  I started blogging about a year ago and today I present to you a Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani dish to celebrate the moment.  I made this special dish on Easter Sunday for the very first time.  I’ve made biryanis before, but I’d never tried the Hyderabadi variety, which is purported to be the best!   Truth be told, I had to look up Hyderabad on the map of India.  I know, shame on me.  I don’t usually try new dishes when we have company, but I just knew that this would be a great hit with our guests.

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