Veggie stir-fry with fresh garden baby bok choy

I’m in my happy place these days with all the fresh produce from the garden where I volunteer.  If you haven’t seen the beds in question, head on over to my latest blog post or read all about it here.  Just look at these baby bok choy leaves, they are just wonderfully succulent, crisp, beautifully grown and everyone knows that dark, leafy green vegetables are nutritional powerhouses filled with vitamins and minerals.  At the time of planting these seeds, I wasn’t too sure what we were to expect, but after this year’s trials and errors in the garden, this will definitely be repeated next year.  The great part about some of these vegetables that we’ve already harvested, (swiss chard and baby bok choy), you just cut the outer leaves, and the new growth emerges from the center.  How absolutely wonderful!

Something quick and easy for a week night meal?  Then a veggie stir fry with Asian sesame oil, sauteed red onion, fresh ginger, chipotle chili powder, reduced- sodium soy sauce, carrots, zucchini, orange sweet pepper, and of course those gorgeous baby bok choy thrown in right at the end.  I served that with some leftover couscous with roasted veggies, my favorite dish these days.


What a great vegetarian dish, with absolutely no fuss!


Linking this post to Angie’s FF#75.  Her wonderful co-hosts this week are Julie @ Hostess At Heart and Josette @ The Brook Cook.

16 thoughts on “Veggie stir-fry with fresh garden baby bok choy

    1. Thank you Teresa. Yes, it is a vegetable that does not get as much attention. I’m already thinking what I might create with the next batch. Wonton soup perhaps? Thanks for stopping by, I hope you had a great 4th weekend.


  1. What a beautiful plate Loretta! I love all of those beautiful veggies with the couscous. I don’t think I’ve ever prepared Bok Choy but have eaten it. That was a great tip on growing it. It’s great that it just keeps on producing. I’ve got to try this in my kitchen, I know I would love it!

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    1. Thanks Fae, I just love it when I can create something with vegetables, it makes me feel all the more healthier and enjoying fresh produce from the garden is a bonus. I hope you enjoyed the 4th.

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    1. Wow, no kidding Johanne, giving out fresh artichokes? How wonderful would that be! I’ve never cooked them before, but do like it. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. I receive SO much baby bok choy in my farm share… especially because my girlfriend who splits the share with me doesn’t eat her share of the bok choy & gives it back to me! I have 2 special bok choy dishes that I love to make… but now you have me wondering why I don’t just stir fry it with some delicious seasoning?!?!? Nice, Loretta! I like that you served it with couscous instead of rice too.

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    1. All the more for you then eh Josette? That’s great. What other dishes do you make with bok choy? Thanks for co-hosting and for stopping by my space 🙂


      1. I make my husband’s favorite Thai dish – Pad See Ew and this soba noodle/shiitake mushroom dish from the Greens cookbook (so good!!). I have both posted (regrettably with terrible photos though….) Have a great week, Loretta!! 🙂

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