Eggplant meatballs

Now that the garden produce in our raised vegetable beds are clearly mass-producing, I can hardly keep up with ideas on how I can turn all of it into some good wholesome meals.  I’ve been wanting to try these vegetarian eggplant (aubergine) meatballs for sometime now – I’ve seen a zucchini (courgette) version of it also.  Since I have quite a few non-American readers on this blog, I thought to put the other name that it is also known as in brackets 🙂  So here are some of the veggies that I picked from the garden last week.  The beans were a sorry sight, I believe the deer devoured most of it, the cucumbers plants were heavily chomped on too 😦  But there’s always good news.  The okra is starting to show, the onions look promising, there’s heaps of cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes and peppers in all shapes and colors and the best news of all?  Click to the bottom of the post to find out what I’m excited about 🙂

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