An International luncheon and meeting a fellow blogger!

When Johanne @ French Gardener Dishes invited me to an International Women’s luncheon (Philadelphia chapter), I graciously accepted.  Johanne, a fellow Canadian and I met via the blogosphere.  She has a passion for the arts, a creative flair in the kitchen, in the garden and when entertaining.   We share a love of gardening, travel and food, so we immediately bonded.  We had tried to get together before to visit some local gardens, but it had not worked out, so this was a perfect opportunity to join her with her club members.  So why not I thought – I am International, I am woman (hear me roar), and I love food and culture, so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to this invitation and meeting a blogger friend for the first time.  Johanne was as fun-loving, worldly and warm as her posts portrayed, we both felt like we were old friends meeting up again after a long absence when in fact we had only just met.  We talked about blogging, Fiesta Fridays, food, gardens and more food 🙂  Do click on the link above to visit her blog and see how she incorporates food, art and entertainment in her artistic and expressive blog.

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Four gals, a guy and a cooking party!

Cooking all alone in your kitchen day in and day out can seem like drudgery, especially if you aren’t particularly interested in the culinary arts. But when you invite a few friends over and turn it into a party, suddenly cooking becomes a lot more cheery.  A cooking party is a great excuse to host a get together, and this is exactly what we did a couple weeks ago.   When one of the gals decided on an “Indian-themed Nite” we put on our thinking caps and came up with a menu in a few short days.  Colby was kind enough to host this wonderful get-together at her Philadelphia home with Sallie, Amy and my husband 🙂 Isn’t it just dandy when you are able to cook together with friends, fueled of course by glasses of vino, music and dancing?  Cooking with friends requires a sense of humor and a relaxed demeanor, we definitely had that going for us.   It’s the perfect occasion to enjoy the fun of entertaining from prepping to clean up, and everything in between.

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Into Africa

My latest posts have included a bit of history and background on a few countries my family called “home” for a period of time.  Kenya is one such place.  When my family left India in 1954, we moved to Kenya.  The 1950’s – 1970’s were arguably some of the best times of my formative years evoking fond memories.  Kenya straddles the Equator and as a result enjoys some of the finest weather year round.  It’s amazing how much we took for granted back then when the weather was never a topic of conversation.

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A family affair – A guest post by my Husband

This is a fun post.  Some of you who are my regular readers, may remember that we started a tradition last year by introducing a curry cook-off as a way of getting friends together in the depths of winter.  Well, we hosted it again this year and my husband Bert, agreed to do a guest post for my blog.   Here’s the post in his words.

Last week we held our annual curry cook-off, the second annual anyway, so I guess it’s a tradition. As a sequel, Loretta asked me to write something about my background. Organized as a winter counterbalance to our friends Owen and Angela’s (annual) chili cook-off, it brings out the competitive streak in our male friends. They are extremely creative with their curries. Me, I’m no cook and lucky to have Loretta.

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