Chocolate Beet Cake with chocolate ganache

I’m presenting another recipe today using some of the fresh produce in the garden.  A moist Chocolate cake with beets. This is a wonderful cake with the intense, rich, deep-dark flavor of chocolate!I must confess when I first heard of it, I couldn’t imagine beets in a cake, but you’ve got to believe me on this one.  The beets make this cake moist without really overpowering the  taste.  Think beet cake is strange?  Think again.  Much like carrot cakes and zucchini breads, this beet cake fulfills all that and more.

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Swiss Chard, Beet Greens and Ricotta gluten-free muffins

Here I am, back again sharing why I’ve been so busy in my kitchen lately.  All the produce that the garden is generating at an alarming rate has to be turned into something nutritious, flavorful and freezable (Is that a word)?  So today I will be presenting these yummy gluten-free muffins.  I’ve used swiss chard here, in addition to the green tops of the beets that I had saved in the refrigerator.  The vivid and striking colors, texture and taste were just amazing!  Being gluten-free, you know the lack of carbs should definitely be an asset on the waistline, so don’t hesitate to reach out for seconds.  Eat these muffins for breakfast, lunch or dinner with a side salad or just a snack.

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No-churn Mango ice cream with pistachios and a hint of cardamom

When life gives you mangoes, there’s just a whole range of ideas and recipes that sprout to mind.  Mango shakes, mango sorbet, mango yogurt bark, mango lassi (the famed Indian drink), mango popsicles, mango salsa, you get the idea.  There’s nothing quite like a juicy, sweet mango.  This exotic fruit is native to South East Asia where it has grown for many years.  Mangoes are now grown in many parts of the tropical and sub-tropical world including Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean, and parts of the USA.   It is by far my favorite fruit and come summer, the supply is endless.  I thought to try this simple, no-churn recipe that will have your taste buds begging for seconds.  No-churn ice creams are very popular now, gone are the days when you needed an ice cream maker to make these frozen treats.  The mangoes I used were from Mexico.

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Roasted Chicken and Roasted Beets with Couscous and yogurt sauce

My last few posts have featured fresh garden produce from the garden where I volunteer at once a week.  This was the very first time we grew beets, I’ve been so pleased with the results, that we will surely be adding it to next year’s list.  Roasting beets is a great way to eat these tender and beautiful red jewels that are packed with nutrients.  Fresh beets create a taste and texture that canned beets cannot replicate, plus they come with the green tops that can be added to many other dishes.

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Summer’s picks – Pickled cucumbers

It’s that time of year when Farmers markets, gardens and home produce are a plenty.  I like to keep a stock of vegetables that I can freeze and use at a later date, in the depths of winter when fresh produce isn’t as plentiful.  Spaghetti sauce is something I make fairly frequently from all the chopped tomatoes that I freeze over the summer.  Peppers also freeze pretty well.  These cucumbers were waiting to be pickled, I made a very simple recipe taken from The Smitten Kitchen, it turned out beautiful, I’ve made enough to share with friends.

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Our local treasure – Gibraltar Gardens, Wilmington, Delaware

At the end of our street, lies a local treasure behind a stone wall.  Gibraltar Gardens is an urban oasis featuring landscaped walkways that wind through Italian statues, stone archways, rambling gardens, wrought iron gates, a curved staircase, a water garden and a dilapidated mansion.  Very often I stroll through these gardens or just sit on a bench and meditate.  Being right in the city, it is hard to imagine how much peace and tranquility exists behind these stone walls.  In 1998, Gibraltar was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Sadly, the mansion is now in disrepair, but the gardens have been maintained by volunteers.  It is open to the public, but a lot of people are not aware of this precious gem that exists right in our city.  So for now, I’m keeping the secret to myself 🙂

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