Our 3rd Annual Curry Cook-off

If you’ve been a regular reader on my blog, Safari of the Mind, you’ll know that Bert and I host an annual curry cook-off.  I’ve blogged about the previous ones in the past.  What started out as a one time event about 3 years ago, has now become a repeated and anticipated get-together during the winter doldrums.  Our friends host a chili cook-off in the late Fall, so that concept perpetuated and the curry cook off idea was born.

It really is quite fun getting it all together from designing the invitation card, making up the guest list, making sure there’s enough beer (yes beers go down real well with spicy curries, or so they tell me).  Most of it is fairly low-key, you know paper plates, napkins, jeans + tees etc.  Our head count this year was 21.  The guests usually vote for their favorite curry after they’ve sampled them.  We then tally the count, and the “People’s Choice Award” which is a candle-lit lantern, gets handed to the winner.  The chatter ahead of time has got to be the best part.  You see a lot of the guys cook at this event, you can hear them talking or texting about their entry, borrowing spices, googling it, some even practice ahead of time.  Our first curry cook-off  had some of the guys cooking curry for the first time, imagine that!  It’s an international night, featuring curries from around the world.  The competition is intense, this is some serious cook-off 🙂

Here are some of the entries that were presented.

I think the entries speak for themselves……here’s a few more

Above (L) Chicken dhansak  with pineapple and lentils.  Above (R) Butter chicken.

Above not labeled (R) bottom is a pan fried Vietnamese Red Snapper

img_9154Are you salivating yet?


and the winner is………(wait let me double check the envelope) 🙂


Chau, and husband Dan.  Chau’s Vietnamese Oxtail Curry won the most votes, and deservedly so, you ought to see how detailed and time-consuming this had to have been to bring it all together.  It was aromatic, tender and oh so delicious!  Click on this link here to get her full printable recipe.

35 thoughts on “Our 3rd Annual Curry Cook-off

    1. Yes, our idea was born from a chili cook-off that our friends host in the Fall. Theme inspired parties are fun aren’t they? I’m sure your New Year’s Day one is great too.


    1. Aww, thanks Chau, your dish definitely stole the show. It was great having you and Dan there. I still have your kaffir/curry leaves in my freezer for you.- I made a Thai chicken dish yesterday and used some kaffir lime leaves, wow! what a difference it made!


    1. Thanks Julie, it’s always something we look forward to. I think the guests do too. Hopefully we’ll throw a bit of a twist for next year, like including a certain spice or ingredient. Last year you had talked about John perhaps doing a barbecue cook-off? With the warmer weather coming up, maybe you can put that into action. 🙂

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  1. Loretta,
    I have always enjoyed reading about your curry cook offs.What a fun thing to do! They are getting bigger and more serious ,aren’t they? The array of recipes is indeed very impressive.
    I am driving down next year for this event……my mouth is watering looking at all the yummy entries 🙂

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    1. Would love to have you as the guest of honor at our next Curry cook-off Sandhya, you will definitely carry away 1st prize 🙂 It’s fun to have theme-inspired parties isn’t it? It makes it a bit of a challenge prepping it all.

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  2. I always look forward to your curry cookoff Loretta and have to say all the dishes are winners! Such original offerings. The oxtail one caught my eye right away and I’m not surprised it won. Fun, original and very multicultural. Love reading about it.

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    1. Aww thanks Johanne, it’s always great fun planning it all. The oxtail was definitely in a class of its own. If you’ve read the detailed recipe, you will know how much work went into it.


  3. I always enjoy reading about your Curry Cookoff, Loretta! Mmmmmm! Everything looked just delicious. Congratulations to Chau and Dan! I’ll bet everyone is already thinking about new recipes for next year’s event! ♡


    1. Thanks so much Dawn. It really is a lot of fun. We enjoy entertaining anyway, and some of these theme-inspired parties are the best kind, as it’s low-key and challenges the guests to think outside of the box 🙂

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  4. Wow!This is a gastronomist’s delight. Food from around the world. The Trinidadian chicken sort of intrigued me. Have to check it out besides many other wonderful dishes on display. This is so different from the theme parties we girls back here organise where we stick to just one country. I would love to try this. Loretta how I wish I were a part of your curry cook off. Enjoy enjoy👍😋


    1. Thanks Ana 🙂 Actually when we had our first “Curry Night”, I was assuming everyone was bringing a curry, what I didn’t realize later was how many curries were presented from around the world. It just turned out that way, and in a way I kind of prefer trying curries from different countries. But normally, we just stick to one theme. It was a lot of fun. How are you doing? I hope you’re loving your new place.

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      1. This is more interesting than the theme one. Keep going and have fun☺👍
        I am doing good Loretta. Thank you for asking dear. And yes I am loving our new place.It is so much different from our previous one with lots of greenery around. Discovered a pretty little hidden park close by on one of my walks a couple of days back. Haha I am excited now but I think I will get used to the place soon. Have a wonderful weekend Loretta and happy blogging 💕
        Lots of hugs and regards


    1. Yes, this has become our annual winter event Freda. It’s a lot of fun. The variety of curries just blows me away. I thought of coming up with another idea – I was thinking I would think of a country and get everyone to bring something after they’ve researched it. I thought Lebanon would be a good start….what do you think? Love those flavors.

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