Our time in Montreux, Switzerland

When asked “why Switzerland” on our recent trip to that picturesque country, in a nutshell for me it would have to be nature.  Switzerland is a mountainous country, home to numerous lakes, alpine villages, and the high peaks of the Alps.  In addition, it is the land of watches, chocolates, Guyere cheese, scenic views and so much more. Reading and prepping for the journey was the hardest part.  I am the planner, the booker and the executor of our travel.  I wanted to see it all,  being such a small country, but we settled on Montreux, Lucerne and Bern.   I did enjoy researching it all though as it gave me an opportunity to learn a bit more about the country and its people.

The flight from London to Geneva was just about an hour and 15 minutes.  I had mapped out our Swiss route ahead of time.  We wanted to be on the lake and around mountains, which truthfully could be anywhere in Switzerland.

From Geneva airport, the train station was just about a 10 minute walk, we felt everything was so convenient and well run the moment we stepped on Swiss soil. I can’t stress enough how efficient and methodical these trains were with a well developed rail network all around Europe.   Mostly everyone spoke English together with French and Italian, on account of these countries which Switzerland borders.  Imagine being able to say you spoke 3 languages!  A two and a half hour train journey from Geneva brought us to our first destination Montreux, made popular by the Jazz festival each summer.

My first accommodation choice did not disappoint.  The Eden Palace hotel with the shimmering lake view front and a view of the mountains, presented an imposing presence on arrival.  Old charm and a 19th century ambience made it the ideal place to hang our hats for 3 days.

Roses and summer flowers dotted the landscape around the hotel.

Situated right on Lake Geneva, the views were just breathtaking!  The walks along the promenade in both directions with the beautiful flowers, the lake and the mountains had me awestruck!   So far my expectations were more than fulfilled.

Rock and Roll fans will love The Freddy Mercury statue which is just a stones throw from the hotel.  Of course my husband had a kodak moment with Freddy.  Freddy loved Montreux as did his band, Queen.

The sunsets were worth rushing back to get a good view of each day.

The following day, we took an hour’s walk along the promenade which paralleled the lake to get to Chateau Chillon.   This medieval fortress which is situated on the shores of Lake Geneva  is supposedly the most visited monument in all of Switzerland.  We were glad that we could actually walk to it from our hotel.  Chillon Castle was originally built in the 9th century.  It has a rich history and distinctive appearance jutting out on the lake.  During the sixteenth century the castle was used as a prison.  The waves lapping against the exterior of the castle was eerily uncanny, especially if you were in the dungeon.

We decided to take the boat back to shore, we could have walked, but this gave us additional breathtaking views from the tippy top.  We were pretty impressed with the transportation system thus far.  We rode trains, buses and boats and each method of transportation was spot on.  There were no delays, no hustle or bustle, just orderly and systematic.

I thought I’d divide some of the Switzerland posts by region, as I have so many wonderful pictures to share with you.  Believe me, you’ll enjoy the views, so I hope you’ll come along for the ride 🙂




18 thoughts on “Our time in Montreux, Switzerland

  1. What gorgeous views, Loretta! It’s so lovely to see the flowers along Lake Geneva, with the mountains nearby. Your photos are just gorgeous! Dreaming and planning are some of my favorite parts of travel, too. 🙂 I remember the charming alpine villages, beautiful lakes, and the magnificent Swiss Alps. When I think of Switzerland, I also remember the sound of cow bells ringing. I remember taking an old-fashioned steam train up a mountain, with stops along the way for more steam power to build up. Thank you so much for taking us along on your Swiss adventure… and bringing back such fond travel memories for me! Can’t wait to see more! ♡

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    1. Thank you so much Dawn. Your detailed descriptions of Switzerland as a country had me remembering so much more. Isn’t it just all so beautiful? Such a small country too. I’m not a skier, so I wouldn’t appreciate it in the winter time, although I’m sure it’s just breathtaking with the snow covered peaks. By blogging about it, it will stay in my memory forever. Thanks again; I’ve just finished the second installment which will be published tomorrow. It took a while 🙂


  2. I loved reading the whole post Loretta! It’s been 12 years that I visited Switzerland last time! It is such a beautiful country that you can fall in love with it every time you open your eyes. Didn’t visit Montreux. Pinning it for next visit! Look forward to your next posts about the trip. Bern and Lucerne are very pretty!!

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    1. So glad you enjoyed the trip report Sonal, and I’m glad you had the time to read it all 🙂 I love writing trip reports as it does help me remember, and also research facts. What a beautiful country eh? My second installment goes out tomorrow. It’s taken me a few hours to write it, but I think it’s in mint condition now 🙂 I love travel blogs as I learn so much about other places and cultures. Thanks again my friend 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Freda. I enjoyed writing it and recalling that beautiful trip. Writing trip reports also helps me remember and document it all. I follow some amazing bloggers who write on their travels, one really learns a lot about the world and different cultures. I’ve just finished my second installment (there will be 3 on Switzerland). I hope to publish it tomorrow 🙂

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  3. Makes me wonder why anyone would leave this beautiful homeland! I have Swiss friends visiting lake Geneva with their grandchildren this week.
    Love your pics and description

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    1. Thanks so much Trudy. Are you Swiss? Yes one has to wonder why. It’s just so beautiful to put into words. I’ve just finished my second installment of the trip report (there will be 3 when it is all said and done). 🙂


  4. Wow! What a treat your photos are and the vivid description along with it made me feel like I was there touring this gorgeous place.
    What a fabulous trip you had! I cannot wait to see and hear about the rest of your trip.
    We had visited Zurich during our trip to Europe but am noting down Montreux for next time! I was super impressed with the train system in Germany and other parts of Europe too!

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    1. Thanks so much Sandhya. I love writing trip reports and recalling it all. It’s a way of helping me remember too, as my memory is like a sieve these days 🙂 From London, we had a choice of either arriving in Zurich or Geneva directly, we chose the latter as I wanted close access to the lakes. Yes, aren’t the trains super all over Europe? I mean gosh what’s with Amtrak? :)) I’ve just finished my second installment (there are 3 reports on Switzerland), so it should be published tomorrow.

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