Lucerne, Switzerland

The third and final installment of our Switzerland trip in June was traveling from Montreux to Lucerne on the train.   The Golden Pass train is a rail line in the Swiss Alps which connects Montreux to Lucerne.  We had about 2 changes before we got to Lucerne.  The Swiss railroad engineers have engineered all the connections to run like a Swiss watch 🙂 The scenery with the mountains and lake being viewed through the panoramic windows, was a sight to behold.  The train lazily climbed the mountains, affording us many photo opportunities.  Little alpine villages dotted the vast green landscape.  Cowbells and wild flowers were evident throughout the journey.

And so the show begins.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  From one breathtaking view to the next, this is positively a photographer’s and artist’s dream come true.  I’m neither, but I sure appreciated these gorgeous vistas.



Picture postcard quality wouldn’t you say?  🙂


The panoramic view from the train.

How lucky for us train travelers and tourists to be one with nature on this trip- but I always can’t help but wonder if the folks in these beautiful cottages feel the same way with the train tracks?


After about five and a half hours of wall to wall scenery like the ones above, we finally arrive at our destination.  Lucerne is a compact city in Central Switzerland known for its medieval architecture which sits amid snow capped mountains on Lake Lucerne.    This is the German speaking part of Switzerland.  It’s quite interesting how German, French and Italian are spoken in various parts of the country.  After resting and unpacking we took in some of the sights close to the hotel.

The following day after a good night’s rest, we took the bus to the base of Mt. Pilatus.  We were about to embark on a city/lake/mountain exhilarating adventure.

The cable car to the first level

The silence was deafening 🙂



Taking another type of cable car with windows from top to bottom allowing you an aerial view and feeling like you are in a cockpit.  These images will be burned in my memory forever.

Higher and higher we go!  Your love is lifting me higher……


At the top there were some restaurants and even a few bars.  It was pretty cold at the top.  This particular restaurant offered blankets on arrival 🙂

A hot toddy sounds good right at this level!


The world’s steepest cogwheel train  brings us down these steep mountains.  It was pretty scary.  For those going up, you will find the greenery changing to rocks, and then from rocks to snow at the very top.

Back on land and I feel safer all of a sudden 🙂

We took a boat back to Lucerne.  The sun is setting, what a beautiful day immersed in nature!

Another account of an online diary on our trip to Switzerland.  I enjoy re-living and bringing back some of those memories when I recall the trip details for my blog.  I hope you enjoyed this part of the trip as much as I have bringing it to you.  Don’t forget to check Parts 1 and 2 on Switzerland in the TRAVEL section of my blog.  The last 2 days spent in Switzerland were in the capital, Bern.  We stayed with some German friends who we knew in the US – they were transferred to Switzerland.  It’s wonderful to rub shoulders with the locals and pick up a lot about the culture, traditions, food etc.  I’d definitely visit that wee country again in a heartbeat.


39 thoughts on “Lucerne, Switzerland

    1. Well, this particular train takes its time through all the beautiful scenery you see above. You can take a regular train which will probably get you there faster, but I’d read so much about the Golden Pass, and it definitely did not disappoint. We had also read that a car was definitely not needed in Switzerland, hence we just took public transportation wherever we went, and I must say it’s the best we’ve ever experienced.

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  1. These photos are unbelievable, Loretta! Thank you for taking us on the trip with you! Your photos and descriptions are perfect! Who says that you are not a photographer or an artist?
    You are both!

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    1. Thanks Sandhya – ha ha I try to dabble in both, but I definitely need some guidance in both areas. It really was an amazing trip, my camera was on overdrive the entire time. 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your stunning photos of your vacation. We took a train through the mountains of Colorado but saw nothing like this. A train is the best way to go as it takes you to areas you would not see by automobile. That cable car – no thanks – heights are not my thing, especially in a little car 🙂

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    1. Happy to have provided the visuals Judi. I’m not crazy about heights either, but the first cable car wasn’t too bad, you were actually sitting down and the views were just breathtaking. But the second one was a tad scary for me, it was wide and you stood in it and were able to walk around and look at the views from different angles. Now that had me a bit nervous as we climbed higher and higher. But I think I’d do it again if I were offered the opportunity. 🙂


      1. Freda, yes, distant relatives. I don’t really stay in touch with them as I don’t know them too well. I know the rain is moving to Louisana too, will you be impacted in any way?

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      2. No, we were not affected, Loretta! Last year it was bad, there were floods, few my friends had to evacuate. But since we live in an apartment complex, it was okay. Schools were shut here since 3 days because of the tornado warning, but it’s all good 🙂


  3. You shot the pictures!!!Whoa! They are beautiful Loretta. Stunning! Picturesque! Beautiful locations and well captured. I am sure you didn’t want to come back soon. Happy for you. Love and hugs💖

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    1. Yes Ana, it was a photographer’s paradise for sure. So much to see your camera definitely works on overdrive when visiting 🙂 I had always wanted to visit Switzerland and I’m real glad I can now cross that off my bucket list 🙂

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  4. Dear Loretta, Good to hear that you were in Switzerland. I have been living here for the last 8 years. Searched your blog because I was quite impressed by the Curried fish stew you posted and I made it this Sunday. You are simply the best. Enjoy living, Cheers, Dulce.


    1. Well hello Dulce, just curious how you found my blog? Switzerland was just amazing, I posted 3 different areas of Switzerland on my blog. How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful country! Whereabouts are you? So glad too that you found my Goan fish stew and was able to make it this past week. Are you Goan? 🙂


  5. Well Loretta!!! That just transported me back in time! 😀 Thanks so much for sharing your journey into Switzerland, your photos are amazing and your commentary rivals any tour operators… I feel like I don’t need to go back again yet as I’ve just been there with you! Wonderful! 😀 Looks like you had a fantastic time and great weather too.


  6. These photos are stunning, Loretta! You have captured the beauty of Lucerne very nicely. It was as if I was on a virtual tour of Lucerne. We have visited Switzerland but not this part of the beautiful country. Maybe next time! Thanks for sharing about your visit.


    1. Aww thanks so much. I too enjoy putting a journal together on our trips that we’ve taken. Would love to follow you, so I’ve found your FB page and am keeping an eye out for your next post 🙂 Thanks so much for hopping onto mine 🙂 Our next trip will be to Asturias in Northern Spain.


  7. Very beautiful landscapes. We will be in Lucern in December and we are also planing to visit mt. Pilatus. Hope in winter it looks as same wonderful.
    Is it easy to get to the base of mountain with public transport?


    1. I’m sure it will be even better in December, especially if there’s snow on the ground 🙂 Yes, it was a breeze to hop on the bus from our Airbnb in the center of town and get to the base of Pilatus. I’d say probably about a 10-15 min bus ride? Enjoy your stay, we loved every bit of Switzerland. If you are anywhere near Montreux (that was our first stop after landing in Geneva), I’d say definitely give the wine region around there a visit. I was in awe the entire time, what a beautiful area and zero tourists 🙂 Will look forward to your post 🙂

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      1. Thank you. This time we will fly to Zurich and plan to stay in this part of country. But believe, that this not our last visit to Switzerland and maybe next time we will also see Montreux.


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