Turmeric Rice with Garam Masala Root Vegetables and Chickpeas

Yes, you can almost smell Fall in the air……..I say almost because we’ve unexpectedly had temperatures climbing into the 80’s for the past week and we’re even expecting 90’s by the weekend.  Still, what’s lovely about this time of year are the cool nights.  Don’t you just love sleeping with the windows wide open listening to the cicadas and crickets calling in the night?  I know I do, they almost lull you to sleep.  So this is the countdown for Fall inspired dishes.

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Irish Pork Stew – bring on Fall weather

No, it’s not St. Patrick’s Day, and by golly it’s not even Fall or Winter, but my taste buds were crying out for some comfort food.  I do love the simplicity of summer cooking, you know fresh veggies, using the outdoor grill etc.  However,  there’s nothing quite like a bowl of comfort and this Irish Pork Stew ticked all the boxes for my husband..  I’ve mentioned before that I’m happy with a fish and vegetarian diet these days, but I like to cook a good hearty man’s stew for hubby every so often.  This definitely ticked all the boxes for him 🙂

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