Cherry and Pistachio tart and a pastry lesson

OK why was my blog space on the back burner for a while?  Why did my readers not receive any new posts for so long? Who has been so busy these past few months that the blog took a backseat?  Sheepishly I raise my hand “moi”.  I apologize readers, it’s been a crazy past few months, from a winter getaway to Jamaica in February (well, I did write up a couple of posts on that trip). Also visitors from abroad.  Then came our trip to New Orleans with a group of friends for JazzFest.  Wow what a trip that was, Rod Stewart and Sting – need I say more?  I’ve got a post coming up on the beautiful Garden District in New Orleans, so be sure to tune in.  Then came the arduous task of getting the garden up and ready from its slumber, needless to say that has kept me occupied for the past 3-4 weeks. But now I’m back.  I have been posting on social media though, so I guess all’s not lost. The lazy, hazy days of summer have started, and that’s the time I usually hibernate, although I must say, it’s been lovely working outside as the humidity has not yet hit the area.  So here I am with a beautiful treat in store for everyone.

A couple months back a group of friends got together on a Sunday morning to learn the art of making a “sweet shortcrust pastry” from scratch.  Our lovely instructor, is also our resident baker as she’s always called upon for get-togethers to produce her heavenly desserts.  She gave us a great lesson and we all made a pie to take home.  There were a lot of tips and tricks that she showed us – I’ll be adding that as an addendum after I’ve published this as she was in the middle of getting some pointers together.   So be sure to come back and re-visit this post.  Also, for the sake of those of us who don’t have a weigh scale, the measurements are in cup measures.


I just loved the digital scale – it’s so important to get the right measurements.  Most of us tend to use the cup measure for weighing,  but the right and best method is usually on a weigh scale, a digital scale is all the better.  Perhaps I’ll wish for this and it will magically appear in my kitchen one day 🙂 It’s also important to get the butter cold and the eggs at room temperature.


Just a few tips on rolling the dough.


Each of us working individually to perfect the pie crust.  We learned that this type of crust is very forgiving, patching and pasting as we go along.


Nearly there!


Click here for the full printable recipe.  A perfect melt in your mouth recipe.  The pistachios gave it an added crunch, not to mention the crust which was also beautifully done.  The lemon juice and zest added some tartness, and overall, I’d say this was a winner in my books.

15 thoughts on “Cherry and Pistachio tart and a pastry lesson

    1. Thanks Johanne. Have you reported it to the WP Happiness Engineers? Maybe they can shed some light on the issue. You’ve had quite a weekend with your artwork, I’ll bet you’re flying high right now. Great job!


    1. Thanks for that endorsement Mimi. It is hard work isn’t it? The trouble is once I get derailed, I have a tough time getting back on board. I hope you’re keeping well and enjoying the nicer weather. I’ll hop onto your blog and see what you’ve been up to. Thanks for visiting 🙂

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  1. Again I wish I was close by Loretta.Taking a class together with friends is so much fun! Your pies looks spectacular. I like that digital scale too.
    Looking forward to those special tips!


  2. I bet this tart is really good with the addition of cherry preserves and then pistachios too! I still have some pitted sweet cherries in the freezer that would be perfect. You know I love classes as I always learn something new. Fun to have a friend teach “a class” – it’s a lot cheaper!!!


    1. Thanks Mollie. It’s so tough to get a post ready, respond to comments and visit all at the same time isn’t it? I sometimes surprise myself that I’ve lasted this long (4 years to be precise) LOL!


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