A wedding in the Windy City, cruising down the river and a blues tune

This was surely the year for weddings.  First it was Harry and Meghan’s wedding, unfortunately that invitation got lost in the mail. 🙂 Then followed a string of other weddings for the year 2018.  Would you believe it if I mentioned that we had 7 invitations for this year alone?  There’s years where we’ve had no invitations at all, but for some reason, this was definitely the year to be wed.  The count includes our own daughter’s wedding this coming weekend in New York City.  The countdown has begun 🙂

One of the weddings we’d attended was in Chicago.  We were especially excited and honored to be invited to this particular wedding and I think the bride and groom were equally chuffed when we responded “yes”.  Our friends grew up in Nigeria, so you can just imagine the glitz and glamour with national dress, customs and traditions on full display.  Some co-ordinated fabrics from different tribes in Nigeria for a hint of unity, or so we were told.  Intricately woven head dress, necklaces and jewelry complimented it all.  Some of the fabrics were brought all the way from Nigeria and tailored.


We’d visited Chicago a few times before, but it had been a while, so I was definitely looking forward to visiting this culturally diverse and beautiful city again.  Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and is among one of the largest cities in the USA.  After the wedding, we decided to take in some of the sights on our own.  The 75 minute Architectural boat tour down the historic Chicago River was definitely impressive.  We watched the iconic buildings glide by as the guide pointed out relevant facts and history. The water is the best vantage point to enjoy this city.






There’s just so much to see and do along the river.  The Riverwalk is an open uninterrupted pedestrian trail in Downtown Chicago.  Restaurants, cafes, bars and music cram this 1.25 mile area.  Day or night, this is a great place to hang out in the summer time.  When we visited many years ago, the Riverwalk did not exist.




Like we normally do, we rented an Airbnb for 4 days.  When we researched the area for points of interest and things to do, we read that Obama’s house was right in the neighborhood.  He lived in this house before his move to the White House.  We strolled around the area and found the house.


Chicago is also world renowned for its blues.  How could we leave the city without checking out one of the blues venues?  Bert did a bit of research and found a dive bar voted the best blues club on Chicago’s north side.   Check out B.L.U.E.S. on North Halstead.  Here’s a video clip to get you in the mood 🙂


22 thoughts on “A wedding in the Windy City, cruising down the river and a blues tune

  1. Great post and sound to be a delightful trip. In all my visits to Chicago, I never went on the boat tour. After looking at your fantastic images, I’m wishing I would have. Next time we’re there it’ll be on our list of things to do. Loved the Nigerian wedding costumes, it would be a great treat to attend such an event.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful wedding in New York.

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    1. Thanks so much Ron. We too had never taken that architectural boat tour, it was definitely worth it, and a different vantage point from which to enjoy. Thanks for your good wishes for our own daughter’s wedding. It’s is one that will be etched in our memories forever.


    1. Thanks so much Dianne, it was quite the wedding. Val and Sean chose the most amazing venue in Chelsea, it was at a private arts club, simply amazing. It was an intimate gathering and took place on all the (4) floors of the building. Can’t wait to see the professional photos and videos.


  2. Gene and I went to Chicago many times and your pictures all look familiar – just a 4 hour drive for us. A boat is always a better way to see the sites in a very busy city – rather than driving! It almost looks like there were two sets of brides maids – beautiful dresses. The best to everyone this weekend – looking forward to the pics!

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    1. Yes, we too were confused with the different costumes that had similar fabrics but different patterns. There were quite a few like that. It represents the different villages that they come from. Our own daughter’s wedding was quite an event. It will be etched in our memories forever. It was quite special as my mother at 91 made the trip with other members of my family. She absolutely wanted to be there.


  3. I would have loved seeing all of that wedding attire! Those fabrics were beautiful. I did an architecture tour by boat in Chicago and it was a great tour. I hope you have an amazing time and enjoy your daughter’s wedding. Such a special time for you and your family. I’ll be looking for pictures!

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    1. Yes, we did the architectural boat tour too, it was quite amazing, we learned so much. Still reeling from the wedding, the space was so unique, what a wonderful venue in a gorgeous intimate setting. It was at a private arts club in Chelsea. So glad my mother at 91 flew with other members of my family to hear Valerie say “I do”.

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    1. Thanks Liz. Yes, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed that entire area, all so new as we had not seen it as it hadn’t been built when we visited before. Our own daughter’s wedding was just beautiful, it took place at a private arts club in Manhattan. The building was on 4 floors, and the various parts of the wedding took place on each floor. So unique and special.


  4. *smile* With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex just having landed on our shores in Sydney very early this morning for the Invictus Games and over 70 other engagements and the absolutely delightful wedding of Princess Eugenie in The Windsor Chapel but days back it is lovely to see the photos of a wedding personal to you . . . Business having taken me to the Windy City on occasion have enjoyed the architectural showpieces of the lively cosmopolitan lakeside destination . .

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  5. What a fabulous trip. i love staying at air bnb too but have not been lucky enough to be in the Obama’s neighborhood 🙂
    The Nigerian dresses are gorgeous ! Chicago’s architecture is stunning and you have captured it so well!


    1. Ha ha Sandhya, it wasn’t fancy at all. Very humble in my opinion. I had read about the neighborhood after we got the Airbnb. This one was quite unusual actually. It was a massive condo on the 3rd floor. The owners actually lived on the property, but had rented a large bedroom with attached bathroom in a far corner of the condo. They were local, so were able to tell us a lot of history and were definitely world travelers having lived in other parts of the world too. Every morning they made fresh baked bread and homemade jams and invited us to partake. She also had a community garden and loved to cook, so you can imagine where I ended up in my free time 🙂


      1. You and your air bnb hosts were truly a good match! On our recent trip to India, we stayed at an air bnb and were so happy with the warm hosts too.


  6. Yes Karen, we too had never seen the river walk and all the tours and such as it had not been built on our last visit there, it definitely is worth another trip just to explore some more.


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