A meadow within a garden

It was a beautiful Fall day when we decided to use the complimentary tickets that I received from a neighbor.  Longwood Gardens, just a 15 minute drive from us is a botanical garden consisting of over a thousand acres of woodlands, manicured gardens and meadows.  Years before it became a public garden, it was home to the Lenape tribe and Quaker farmers.  The gardens have since changed hands several times.  In July 1906, Pierre du Pont purchased the property and much of what visitors see today is his vision and dream of what Longwood Gardens has now become.

This magnificent piece of horticulture is visited by over a million guests each year.  It’s a garden for all to enjoy.  There are many featured events throughout the year.  Probably the prime visit for me has got to be the lights around Christmas time. Membership to the gardens is probably the best way to see all the seasons which offers a plethora of gardening tips and learning experiences for those horticulturally inclined. During the winter months, there’s plenty to see and do inside the conservatory; one can stroll through the indoor gardens, enjoy the performances, take a class or workshop or simply learn about this horticultural masterpiece.  We are fortunate to be surrounded by at least four gardens of varying types in our area.


The entrance to the gardens is always seasonal.  Here, chrysanthemums and pumpkins come together to welcome the visitor into this beautiful sanctuary where art and horticulture go hand in hand.


The expansion of the meadow in Longwood Gardens is the latest addition to this oasis.  The meadow was created by a community of artisans, including blacksmiths, masons, carpenters and gardeners. We had not visited this newest addition before, so we really explored every part of the three miles of hiking and walking trails.  The historic Webb colonial farmhouse has stood on the property since the mid 1700’s, it now houses a gallery.


Bert is not into the more manicured areas of Longwood Gardens as I am, so the wild and unkempt meadow areas were great to explore together on this gorgeous Fall day.  There are four bridges that surround the Meadow Garden.


The benches are made from Longwood’s fallen trees.  There’s so much to learn and take in along the way.  Insects, birds and wildlife can be spotted.  It’s all so rustic and natural and is definitely a fine inclusion to these gardens.  After exploring the meadow, we headed to the cafeteria which is always a popular spot for a quick lunch or tea.  There is also a more formal dining room.


A quick walk and photo opportunities around some of the more manicured gardens, and then we headed home.


It was a grand day to be outdoors immersed in nature.  If you are from the area, do not miss this great opportunity of exploring the meadow.  We certainly came away fully satiated.



21 thoughts on “A meadow within a garden

  1. Another post from you of a place we visited, however a long time ago. Longwood Gardens is a must if you’re ever in the area. When we traveled we always looked for gardens to visit or herbfarms – even nurseries just to see the native plants of the region.

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    1. Yes indeed Judi. I’m glad it left a memory for you. The meadow was a new addition and it was well spent exploring and strolling through the areas that day. I enjoy gardens and nurseries too and often look for places to visit when we travel.


    1. Thanks Anjali, I’m glad it brought back some fond memories for you. Great too that you can actually drive there and back in a day. Are you in NYC or NY State? Our daughters both live in NYC.


  2. Loretta,
    i had visited these gardens many many years ago and thanks to your photos and write up, I get to stroll through them again! How beautiful and serene these photos are! You look gorgeous in the pics too!

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    1. Aww thanks Sandhya, you’re too sweet. That’s great that you were able to visit these gardens, it’s quite amazing how it attracts so many visitors from near and far. We had a beautiful day to explore.

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  3. Wow, Loretta, you have such a way of telling a story through your photos. I would love to have such a place to walk through. We do have some gardens that are beautiful but they aren’t the easiest to get to. I just loved that birdhouse with the greenery growing on it. Nothing is going to be growing here for a while but I guess it gives me the opportunity to plan next years garden.

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    1. Aww thanks Julie, that’s so sweet of you to say that. I do really enjoy my travel and gardening sections of the blog, I can really get into them. Oh that’s too bad that you don’t have too many gardens close to you. We’ve been blessed I guess. Delaware being so small, I sometimes wonder how we are surrounded by such lush and gorgeous horticultural masterpieces. I too loved that birdhouse, I wonder if the birds actually nest in there.

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  4. Such beautiful visages shared across the world – and as, always, when least expected 🙂 ! You and your husband walked a path of learning and beauty for us all around the world and, on a busy Saturday workaday I am delighted to look and enjoy – perhaps one day . . .

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    1. So glad to hear that you enjoyed the visual treat I provided Eha 🙂 I’m passionate about nature and gardening, so you will actually find travel and gardening posts that I share on Safari of the Mind too. We’ve enjoyed some warmer weather the past week or so, but I know we will be soon experiencing that white stuff which I absolutely detest 🙂 I’ll be dreaming of Australia then 🙂


    1. Aww,thanks so much, it truly was magical, and to think that we will soon be experiencing all that white stuff soon? Well, it’s always welcome just before Christmas, but not after 🙂 Enjoy your week and thanks for visiting Safari of the Mind 🙂

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      1. Hi Loretta, we have had snow since early November! It’s quite early this year and heavy, our yard has about two feet of it. My husband has been busy plowing and I wonder if it will be a long winter! I don’t mind snow and love it for Christmas but in February I always get sick of it.Blessings to you💕😊

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  5. A wonderful way to spend an autumn day. Such a lovely garden and I love the little white pumpkins. Also very nice to see the images of you and Berts smile, Thanks for sharing.


  6. Thanks so much Ron, so glad you were able to visit the gardens through our eyes. I too adored those wee white pumpkins. Sometimes I love visiting just to get ideas for future arrangements. I never wanted to add our photos on the blog, but I think I’ve since changed my mind about it. I feel it adds a different dimension to blogging 🙂 Thanks for stopping by as always Ron.


  7. I so loved this. Makes me want to go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to rest my eyes. Green is such a soothing and hopeful color, reminding you of all the beauty that’s still in the world. You have such a beautiful site Loretta. I think this whenever I come visit. Susannah


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