Magnificent Magnolias

Dear Readers, I’ve been missing in action for sometime, but for a very good reason.  We spent two glorious weeks in the Caribbean, a week in Antigua and a week in Montserrat.  I’ll no doubt be sharing some of the images and stories in the next few weeks.

For now, I wanted to take you on a stroll with me down Magnolia Walk at Goodstay Gardens.  It never fails to amaze me that Delaware, being such a small state is full of horticultural wonders.  Goodstay Gardens is definitely one of those wonders, a true gem in the city, I love to call it our very own secret garden.  We live just a stones throw away from this fascinating and charming garden.  Bert and I volunteer here and the rewards of working outdoors, hearing the birds chirp, being surrounded by flowers and nature is just indescribable.  There’s a short window when the magnolias come alive, and this happened last weekend.  My trusty camera and I took a walk.  Enjoy some of its beauty!

Some of the close ups.

Love the reflection in the fountain pool.

Next up, the peonies will be strutting their stuff soon.  Stay tuned 🙂

8 thoughts on “Magnificent Magnolias

  1. Loretta, your images are stunning. I guess when I hear magnolias I think of the Southern US, but obviously, they grow north as well. I’m looking forward to your post on your recent voyage.


  2. The Magnolia Walk at Goodstay Gardens is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos with us. I’m looking forward to when you post about your holiday, I’ve not been to those islands.


  3. I love magnolias and have a white Yulan in my own garden. It has been a pleasure to take this beautiful spring walk at Goodstay Gardens. Personal;y have not travelled far north of New York nor been there is season to enjoy. Thank you !


  4. Loretta,
    Thank you so much for taking me on this stroll with you. The magnolias are truly magnificent! Your close up photos are simply amazing! You sure are lucky to be able to walk to this amazing place.


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