How does your garden grow?

It’s been a while since I posted anything on the gardening section of Safari of the Mind.  I just know I have to remedy that right away.  Believe me when I tell you though, it’s not as though I haven’t been posting all my hard work on social media 🙂 This year especially, I’ve been extra diligent, wanting to stay a few steps ahead of the game.  It took quite a lot of work to get both the front and back gardens cleaned up from the ravages of winter.  This past winter was pretty brutal on the East Coast and as a result, the garden needed extra sprucing in the spring time.  This post will probably be a pictorial one, sit back, relax and enjoy all the colors and vibrancy that flowers create around this time of year.

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Ready, Set, Grow!

Ahh springtime!  Re-connecting with the earth is affirming, renewing and promising.  Waking up to a new growing season, the garden is bursting with possibilities, there’s plans to be made for the new season, salvaging some of the more delicate shrubs that might need attention, trimming and clipping dead wood, fertilizing, mulching, and general clean up of the beds is first on my list of priorities.   Each year, I try to add a few new perennials to the already established flower beds.  I love sharing and dividing what I have and receiving the same from friends.   Here are some collages of what has already bloomed and some current bloomers.  If you’ve been following Safari of the Mind, you will know that about 4 years ago, we downsized and moved to the city.  Space is a premium here, but I continue to work on the flower beds both in the back and front to get it to look the way I want it to, it’s a work in progress for sure.

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The garden awakens!

I don’t want to jinx it, but this winter has been relatively mild.  I’ve yet to haul out my heavy winter coat for those frigid snowy days.  Why?  Well, there’s hardly been any snow to write home about and the temperatures haven’t dipped as low as they have in years past.  This is February for crying out loud, and we’ve flirted with temperatures in the high 60’s- 70 degrees F (20-21 degrees C) for several days.  I could easily live with winters like these.  As a matter of fact I haven’t been  whining to my husband as much as I have in the past about escaping to a tropical island.

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Color my neighborhood

With so many eye-catching Christmas posts out there, I thought I’d reflect on saying goodbye to autumn.  Autumn is my second favorite season, after spring.  It signals an end to the long dog days of summer.  It’s a season where everything transforms in the garden.  The season also known as “fall” in North America,  is a time of year when the deciduous trees shed their leaves, but not before displaying a fiery exhibit which illuminates the sky.

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