Vegan Green Lentil Spicy Soup

My humblest apologies for disappearing off the blogging radar for so long.  We were out of the country for a while, and it seems like it always takes a stretch to get back in the swing of things.  Some bloggers are so organized and dedicated to their blogs, that they prepare a few posts ahead of time and connect even when on vacation.  Me? I’m not that organized, hence the hiatus from my blog, so please forgive me Readers, I promise I will make up for it.

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Uniting strangers, creating friends, that was Selma!

When I first read Selma’s Introduction Page I already felt we had a special bond having both spent our formative years growing up in Kenya, Canada and England.  When I reached out to her via the blogging  world it was obvious that I did not know what I was getting into.  We exchanged some Swahili words, talked about our experiences in these different countries and immediately I felt the warmth and friendship that emanated from her.  Selma Jeevanjee’s family at one point owned 70% of Nairobi in the pioneering, colonial days of the city.  We talked about our love of Kenya and Africa as a whole.

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The Beauty of Brazil

Originally posted on Safari of the Mind:
Little is known about the history of Brazil before 1500.  When the Portuguese arrived in 1500, the Brazilian population consisted of over 5 million indigenous people. When their numbers began depleting, the Portuguese started shipping slaves from Africa in the mid-16th century.  Over the centuries, Brazil’s peoples were diversified further by several waves of immigration from the Middle East, Asia and Europe. When Debra and Bruno invited us to Brazil, there was no hesitation on our part to accept, and before you know it, I was happily making reservations, researching places, getting visas processed and… Continue reading The Beauty of Brazil