Our 3rd Annual Curry Cook-off

If you’ve been a regular reader on my blog, Safari of the Mind, you’ll know that Bert and I host an annual curry cook-off.  I’ve blogged about the previous ones in the past.  What started out as a one time event about 3 years ago, has now become a repeated and anticipated get-together during the winter doldrums.  Our friends host a chili cook-off in the late Fall, so that concept perpetuated and the curry cook off idea was born.

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A sumptuous Indian Vegetarian feast!

I’ve been blogging for just over a year and a half now and in that time, I’ve come to appreciate fellow bloggers from near and far.  You could be following someone’s blog in Turkey, Spain or Argentina, but also blogs from folks who live on the same continent as yourself.  There are just so many facets that make up the blogging world, but one that I’m most passionate about is continuing to learn about the various cuisines around the world and forging friendships via a common medium.  I’ve come across so many amazing blogs (mine pales in comparison), it definitely is a learning curve when all is said and done.  There are a few favorite Indian bloggers that I follow, and I’ve got to say, whenever a dish strikes my fancy, I bookmark it and try it out.  Today, I’m featuring Indian vegetarian cuisine.

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