Oven Cooked Beef Pot Roast

He must have had some brownie points stashed away somewhere for me to have even entertained the idea of a succulent and mouthwatering beef pot roast that particular evening.   If you have been an ardent follower of Safari of the Mind, you will know that I’m talking about my husband, Bert.  It’s not very often that I cook a beef pot roast these days, but don’t get me wrong, we both love it, but for health reasons I try to limit our beef intake.  You should have seen his expression when I pulled this out of the oven!  I can’t tell you how moist and flavorful this one pot wonder was.  The prep work didn’t take too long either, and then, wham, boom, bang in the oven it went with all those flavors, perfuming the entire house.  I literally threw splashes of red wine in the pot without measuring, and wow, this was a winner!  Inexpensive cuts of beef are best for pot roasts.

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Pot Roast with vegetables

Hello blogger buddies and friends.  It was an extra long hiatus from the blogging world for me, do pardon my absence.  Our 3 week long vacation found us in England for 10 days and Switzerland for the rest of the time.  Our trip to England this time was extra special as we celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday.  My mother and family live in England, so it was great to have all the cousins and family together under one roof.  Switzerland was just magical – I had often dreamed of going there and was absolutely tickled when that dream became reality.  However, I’ll leave Switzerland for another post.

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One Pan Chicken with Wine, Thyme, Carrots and Bacon

I’ll have to say the season I enjoy cooking most is the winter time.  Soups, stews, chillis, and curries all so satisfying and warming when the weather outside is frightful.  I usually make large batches and freeze some for a later date.  The slow cooker tends to be my best friend around these months too.  Nothing quite so satisfying than a hearty and aromatic dinner that you didn’t have to slave over.  In our busy lifestyles, shortcuts are definitely the way to go.  These days I just seem to gather recipes that sound and look comforting.  This one pan roast chicken with fresh herbs, wine, vegetables and bacon was just the ticket when the temperatures plummeted this week.  It is definitely a time saver too as it is all cooked in one pot.

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Seafood Paella

A Happy New Year one and all.  I hope 2016 brings everyone good health, peace and contentment.  I can hardly believe we are at the start of a new year already.  The weather has been simply amazing in our neck of the woods – it is January and not a snowflake in sight, although I must say it has gotten a lot colder compared to the unseasonably warm temperatures we experienced in December.  With the cooler weather brings comfort foods and today I present a seafood paella transporting you to Spain, where this dish gained its popularity.  Paella is known to have made its debut in the Valencia region of Spain back in the 1800’s; it combines both the Roman and Arabic cultures.   Historically paella was made with leftovers and depending on the particular region in Spain, seafood, chicken, chorizo and even rabbit were added to this rich one-pot dish.

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