A classic southern favorite: Pecan Pie

I’ve learned to love and make pies ever since we moved to the United States.  I’ve made many many pies since then.  Pecan pies hold a special place in my heart having lived in the south.  There are all sorts of variations in making this classic southern favorite; adding chocolate, whiskey, bourbon, coconut etc.  But today I present to you a classic, plain and old-fashioned, southern pecan pie.  I got this recipe from none other than a southern lady who used to be our neighbor for a while before she returned down south.  Thank you Tracey.  I recall when I first tasted it, I was in pecan heaven, I’ve since made it over and over again and no matter, where or when I’ve made it, it has always been a hit.  On a recent trip to England to visit my family, I introduced this southern classic to them as it is not very common there.  Toasting the pecans just a bit ahead of time intensifies the flavor.

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Frozen treats for summer

The dog days of summer are upon us all too soon on the East Coast of the USA.  Temperatures have soared, the humidity is uncomfortable and everything is just about wilting.  The last two weeks in May have seen unseasonably warm temperatures, but hopefully with some much needed rain predicted this week, things will cool down and we will enjoy some more favorable weather for the month of June.  What is the weather like where you are?

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