Another Chili Cook-off and my entry….

Some of you who are regular readers to my blog, will know that we usually go to an Annual Chili Cook-off in the Fall.  Our friends very kindly delayed it for me this year since I was visiting family across the pond.  There’s a lot of thought that goes into this annual tradition, the invitations, the prizes, the sides, the guest list, etc.etc.  Our hosts have it all designed down to the last detail.  We were blessed with wonderful weather again, albeit a chill in the November air.  The outdoor fireplace provided the warmth and the screened in porch served as the dining area.  This year there were 8 entries, the judges were sent to an inner room to make their selections, the burners kept everything warm, and the party was yet another huge success!  The wining entry was “Hawaiin Heat” which I hear was real hot and spicy.  The People’s Choice Award was “Apple in a Pig’s Mouth”.  There were home-made cheese and chive buns, bubbling hot macaroni and cheese and a table full of toppings for the various chilis.

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