Irresistible Lilies and I!

I just love this time of year when the lilies put on a show stopping parade!  The day lilies, tiger lilies, asiatic, scented, no matter what, are just stunning and form a graceful addition to any garden.   Believe it or not, they are pretty hardy and don’t really require much in the way of maintenance.  They’re  happy in well drained soil and require at least 6-7 hours of sunlight each day.  Fertilize them when you first see them put out shoots and deadhead if necessary.  If I had my way, I’d have a field full of lilies in every color and fragrance, they are definitely a wow factor!!

The beautiful photo you see below was an impulse purchase when I went to Walmart one day last summer.   I couldn’t resist these beauties, so I bought two pots and enjoyed these gorgeous and most unusual lilies till the last petal dropped.  When neighbors passed by, they admired and commented on their grace and elegance.  At that time I didn’t think they would surface again, so I thought I’d just leave them in the pots over the winter and abandoned them in a shaded area of the back porch.  Well, what a surprise as you can see, they survived and put on another stunning show.  I’ve decided to leave them in the pots for another year before I can find an area where they will be sure to get the much needed sun and drainage on the back patio.  The next few photos are from various gardens we’ve owned over the years.






IMG_0970Recently I was asked to judge the City  Garden Contest that our city puts on every June.  Naturally, I gravitated to some of the unusual lilies that I came upon.  With camera in hand I was on a mission to capture some that were rare and extraordinary!  Aren’t they just knockouts strutting their stuff?




Last but not least, let me present you with this alluring and heavily scented stunner!  This was taken a couple of years ago when I visited friends in Kent, England.  She’s quite the gardener and has the most amazing arrangement of everything she touches in her garden.  The perfume emanating from this beauty was intoxicating, she had a row of these, they were so top heavy, they had to be tied to the fence.  We sat outside on her patio on a beautiful day in July, listened to music, sipped on wine, and watched the sun set, all the while being aware of this gorgeousness right by my side.  photo

I hope you like lilies as much as I do, I just wish they had more blooming time in the garden.  Off to pamper my lilies now and perhaps buy some more scented orientals, one can never have enough  :).

I’m bringing these irresistible lilies to Angie’s   Fiesta Friday # 24.  It’s a virtual party where we all get together with our creations, a fun time meeting, greeting and sampling an array of foods from around the world.  Thanks to our 3 co-hosts, Indus, Hilda & Selma for helping keep the party in check :).






29 thoughts on “Irresistible Lilies and I!

  1. Love the lilies post! I have daylilies putting on a beautiful show everyday. Truly, nature’s miracle! Thanks for sharing these beauties!


  2. Loretta – these are absolutely stunning! Lillies, peonies and old cabbage roses are my favourite flowers so this post was like unwrapping a present, for me! I love the heavily scented lilies – the white Casablancas, the pink and white Stargazers…thank you so much for sharing these with us – they have really added that je ne said quoi to the table!! Happy Fiesta Friday!


    1. Thanks Selma, that’s so kind of you. I too love the flowers you mention, can never get enough of those. Much as I like to blog on food, I figure every so often, I’d bring flowers to grace the tables :). Enjoy your weekend, and thanks again for co-hosting. 🙂


    1. Thanks Patti, I appreciate your interest in my blog, and I definitely am grateful for your comment on the grey text and grey background. It happens by default, I have tried to change some of the text and fonts in previous posts, as I find the print too small too. I’ll continue to try and work around this. Thanks again for pointing it out to me.


    2. Patti, I’ve made some adjustments, please see if the black print is better? Also, I do not have the ability to change the size of the font, so if you have difficulty reading, hit ctrl + on your keyboard to make the text larger.


  3. Thanks Loretta for providing the floral decorations for the party. At this time of year, we not only like to eat local, but enjoy having fresh cut flowers or beautiful gardens to admire. I have always loved lilies and am pleased with how well they are blooming this year. They do multiply a lot, and wish we could do a trade. I particularly like those deep burgundy and cream coloured ones. I have a bouquet of my lilies right in front of me as I type.


    1. My pleasure Hilda, and thank you too for co-hosting. Love this time of year as well, isn’t it just smashing when you can bring in cut flowers from your very own garden? I enjoy food blogging, but every so often I enjoy blogging on my garden too, so glad to have brought these lilies for FF.

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  4. Thank you so much for your information about these beauty. They are stunning, and for some of them, very unusual. I love your photos very much. I am envy you for your green thumb, Loretta. 🙂


  5. What a stunning display! Love the colors! And you bought these from Wal-mart you say? Wow! I have a few lilies in my garden and they are pretty although not as colorful as yours. I had got a couple asiatic lillies a few summers ago and you know what? AFter I planted them on the ground the next day they were all gone – eaten by some rabbit! After that I did not have the heart to buy more of those asiatic lillies although I admire them greatly wherever I see them. :)thanks for bringing thIS COLORFUL DISPLAY to FF! 🙂 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Indus. It’s too bad your lilies were eaten by a rabbit or perhaps deer? My suggestion would perhaps be to put them in a pot the next time? I was worried about the squirrels actually, so put a kind of netting over the pots so they wouldn’t try to dig in the dirt when they were first coming up. Better luck the next time for you 🙂


  6. Beautiful lilies! I love them too…. Thanks for sharing your lovely post at Home Sweet Garden Party! I hope you can join us again this week too! It will be open this afternoon at 4pm! {} Hugs…Brooke


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